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Essentials Kit

by Futuretronics
Price $14.95

The Essentials Kit has everything you need to make the most of your DSi / DS experience


Pack includes:


1 x CARRY POUCH: Carry your DS safely & in style, soft neoprene material with carabineer included

4 x GAME CASES: Protects your games and memory cards from dust and scratches. Holds 1 x DS game and 1 x SD card, translucent so you can quickly identify  your games and SD cards

1 x USB CAR CHARGER: Provides your DS with power during long car trips or charge up when travelling.  Connect your USB power cable to the   car charger to power your DS in your car

1 x USB POWER CABLE: An absolute necessity to power your DSi or DS Lite from your computer and car

3 x STYLUSES: Replacement stylus pens fully compatible to suit DSi and DS Lite.  Finger styluses transformers your finger into a stylus, unique design straps onto 
your finger tips for touch accuracy and faster reaction times

1 x WRIST STRAP/WIPER: Keep your DS safe & clean, the attached cleaning wiper helps you clean your double screens

1 x EARPHONES: New enhanced circuitry provides clean bass & treble separation.  Crisp highs & deep lows are offered from these sleek compact designed earphones

1 x PROTECTION LENS KIT: Keep your double screens free of nicks and scratches.  Includes 1 x DSi Protective lens kit, 1 x DS Lite Protection lens kit, 1 x Cleaning cloth, 1 x Application card


*available in black or white




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