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Essentials Kit

by Futuretronics
Price $14.95

All your essential items to full enjoy your PSP



- UMD GAME CASES: Safely stores your PSP games & movies.  Protects and keeps them free from dust, translucent so you can quickly identify your games & movies.

-  CLEANING KIT WITH CLOTH: Transparent protection lens lets you fully enjoy your PSP visuals whilst protecting the screen from scratches and finger prints.  Cleaning cloth help keeps your PSP free of dust.

- CARRY POUCH WITH WRIST STRAP: The perfect way to carry and protect your PSP at the same time.  Soft padded materials keeps your PSP free of nicks and scratches, whilst the wrist strap provides extra drop security.

- STEREO EARPHONE: New enhanced circuitry provides clean bass and treble separation.  Crisp highs and deep lows are offered from these sleek compact designed earphones.

- USB LINK CABLE: Allows you to download movies, music and all your favourite photos.  You can also use the Link Cable to share files with a friend.

- CAR CHARGER: Gives your PSP power during long car trips or charge up when travelling.  Connects via the USB link cable, allows you to charge from any USB port.



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