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Platinum Pack

by Futuretronics
Price $19.95

Everything you will ever need for your DS Lite console!



- 2 x CARRY POUCH: Zips together to form a bag, unzips to become 2 smaller bags.  Inner net pockets carry all your DS Lite accessories, internal strap holds your DS Lite in place.  Spring clip attaches your bag to anything

- NECK STRAP: Attaches to your DS Lite console to increase drop security, keeps your DS Lite close to you.

- GAME ORGANISER: Safely store your DS Lite cartridges & replacement stylus in a hard protective case, stores up to 6 x DS cartridges and 1 x DS Lite stylus

- CHARGING STAND: Give your DS Lite power and a new look, illuminates when charging

- 2 x FINGER STYLUS: Improve your game play and speed, touch accuracy at your finger tips.  Straps onto your finger tips for faster reaction times.

- 6 X STYLUS: Replacement stylus pens to suit Nintendo DS Lite

- 4 x GAME CASES: Safely stores your DS game cartridges, translucent so you can quickly identify your games

- CAR CHARGER: Give your DS Lite power during long car trips or charge up when travelling.  Connects via the USB cable.

- POLYCARBONATE CASE: Protects your DS Lite from nicks and scratches.

- DUST COVERS: Protects your game cartridge slots and keeps them free from dust.

- USB POWER CABLE: An absolute necessity to power your DS Lite to your computer or car charger.

- 2 X PROTECTIVE LENS KIT: Keep your double screens free of nicks and scratches.  Cleaning cloths and application card included.

- COMMUNICATOR/HEADSET: Comfortable stylish design, microphone is near the mouth so there is no need to shout. Crystal clear sounds and works with Wi-Fi

- WRIST STRAP: Attaches to your DS Lite console to increase drop security, keeps your DS Lite close at hand

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