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Survival Pack

by Futuretronics
Price $19.95

Everything you need for your DSi and DS Lite console.



STYLUSES - Replacement stylus pens (2 x DSi, 2 x DS Lite, and 2 x finger styluses)

WRIST STRAP/WIPER - Keep your DS console safe & clean, the cleaning wiper helps you clean your double screens

EARPHONES - New enhanced circuitry, provides clean bass & treble separation

PROTECTION LENS - 2 x DSi Protective lens kit, 2 x DS Lite Protection lens kit. Cleaning cloth and application card included.

USB POWER CABLE - An absolute necessity to power your DSi or DS Lite from your computer or car

USB CAR CHARGER - Connect your USB power cable   to the car charger to power your DS in the car

6 x GAME CASES - Protects your DS games from dust and scratches EVA Case - Carry your DS safely & in style, wrist strap included


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