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Ultimate Sports Pack

by Futuretronics
Price $19.95
The Ultimate Sports Kit for Nintendo Wii equips you with an entire set of sports gear for use with your Wii Sports game software.

Raise your sports simulation experience to the next level!

Precision built and carefully balanced to provide realistic swinging and driving motion.

Transforms your Wii remote into a full form Golf Club, Tennis Racquet, Cricketbat and Baseball Bat.

Extended comfort and control for the rear trigger button

Compatible for Wii MotionPlus

Full access to all action buttons and multi-directional control

Safely attaches to your Wii remote

Secure with easy installation

Simulates real sports motion

Enhances visual sports game simulation



- 1 x Tennis Racquet attachment

- 1 x Golf Club attachment

- 1 x Baseball Bat attachment

- 1 x Cricketbat attachment

- 2 x Wii remote sports grip

- 1 x Racing wheel

- 2 x Wrist Strap

- 1 x Blue Remote Silicon Glove

- 1 x Blue Nunchuk Silicon Glove

* Wii remote, Wii nunchuk, Wii motion plus not included

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